Celebrate the Great Taste of our Ice Creams!

Celebrate Moments of Togetherness with your dear ones at our club’s ice-cream parlor!

With more flavors to choose from and the choice increasing each day, the way to have it also keeps innovating itself. Try our exclusive Fruit Trifal Pudding, Lady Smith Pudding and Cramal Custard. Ice Cream & the various flavors are an integral part of our routine now, so much so that it’s a part of our personality

In terms of product range, we are equally diverse and offer you lip smacking Gyani’s Ice Creams, Sundaes, Faludas, Shakes, Sodas, Casatas and Fruit Creams. At the same time, we are always adding to the delight through newer initiatives and a variety of choices.

If you are the one who screams for frozen desserts, you could try the ice creams, shakes, sodas and sundaes at our Club’s Ice-cream Parlor. So give us a chance to serve you. We are eager and ready to do what we love doing – Serve you Celebrations!

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