Chairman- Mr. Ajay Vohra

Our club has a Yoga Hut for physical and mental fitness, vastly patronized by people of all ages, professions and gender. Morning sessions are conducted with separate instructors; in addition, there are pranayam sessions as well.

We offer a range of class levels to fit your specific needs. The attendance in our club?s yoga sessions has increased many folds with time. Members of all ages can be seen mesmerized in the yoga aasans on the club lawns, enjoying the nature. It has become one of the indispensable activities of the club.

Sh. V.M. Sharma (Guruji) is associated with us ever since the inception of Yoga in the Roshanara Club. All the members find him an embodiment of dedication, devotion and complete sincerity.

Join us today for an experience in yoga like you have never done before. Enjoy our convenient location and modern facilities as you deepen your yoga practice to better your health and happiness.